Can't Dance? Think you’ve got two left feet or no sense of rhythm......

If you can walk.... then you can learn Social Ballroom Dancing - and you'll love it!

Have you ever watched a couple on the dance floor and thought.... 'I wish I could dance like that'.

How many times have you said.... 'I'd love to learn how to dance'.

Does your partner say.... 'I'm not taking dance lessons, I've got two left feet'.

If this sounds like you or your partner, then I have the answer for you!

You need a great dance teacher! You need - ME!

So what makes me a great teacher.....Let me explain,


The Dance Styles I Teach
Dance Styles I Teach.....Ballroom, Latin American, Sequence, Rock n Roll - social, weddings, special events, medal, competitive and alway's fun!
Dance Classes
Dance Classes.... Ballroom Dancing in Kaiapoi, Oxford and other venues by arrangement - when and where you'll fulfill your dream of learning to dance!
Great Ballroom Dance Teacher
Great ballroom dance teacher.... hmm. Sounds over the top, then wait till you read what my students say!
Term 1 2020 Classes
Come and dance with me in my Term 1 2020 classes.... great fun, great fitness and you'll learn a fabulous new skill.
MC Extraordinaire
MC Extraordinaire... for your Wedding Dance, Social Dance, Competition, Ball or Cabaret

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