Great ballroom dance teacher.... hmm. Sounds over the top!

.... then read what my students say about me being a

Great ballroom dance teacher! - No points for guessing who my biggest fans are!

'My Dad is an awesome ballroom dance teacher. His instructions are plain and easy to follow. My Dad has really inspired me to become a great dancer, and one day I'd like to dance in competitions just like he did. Thank's Dad, I love you so much. Taylor - Ohoka

'I love dancing with my Dad. Dad is a very good dancer and he makes dancing fun. He teaches lots of people and because they learn from Dad, they dance well. I love you Dad. Martine - Ohoka

'We took up dancing lessons wth Grant, and this has been great fun for the whole family, even the not so gifted dancers among us. Grant is an excellent ballroom dance teacher, allowing all the time we needed to learn the steps, and then supporting us with tips as we dance. We highly recommend this as a great way to have fun, improve fitness and especially because we are learning to dance.' Andy, Jenny, Johanna, Gareth, Adele and Aidan - Amberley

'We really look forward to Grant's warm, friendly, fun dance classes each week. Dancing has been easy to learn with Grant's expert and relaxed teaching technique. You go at the pace you want to, and have fun, without any pressure to get it right first time. The hour just flies by, and we are mixing with a great group of people, we love it!' Joanne and Vijay - Bishopdale

'Grant was really kind, he tailored his teaching to meet the differing needs of my children. He gave clear instructions, was enthusiastic, gave individual attention where needed, and didn't miss anyone out, particularly when they might have been struggling. He made it really fun, not only for my daughter, but also my more self-conscious sons, who quickly decided dancing was cool.' Rayleen, Tawhiri, Jordan, Emma and Jacob - Burnside

'We have lots of fun at Grant's dance classes. My wife remembers the steps better than me, but once we start dancing it quickly comes back. Grant has a very friendly easy-going manner and is always patient and encouraging. We often go to lessons with friends and have a BBQ at home afterwards. The Sunday classes are a lovely way to finish the weekend, and as the kids are getting older it is our time together. Dancing has added another dimension to our lives and as we enjoy it so much we have started going to the practice sessions as well.' Viv and Denis - Burnside

'Our daughter Tess has been learning to dance with Grant for the last 2 years. She has improved immensely, and is still really keen on dancing. Dancing has improved her posture and overall fitness, and this has contributed to recent sporting successes. She was thrilled to achieve Honours and Highly Commended passes in her last Medal Examinations, and we highly recommend Grant as a ballroom dance teacher. ' Lesley, Colin and Tess - Ohoka

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