Are you looking for Qualified Dance Teachers, a Judge, or an MC for your special event..... we can provide that and more, with style and flair!

Grant Killner

Dance Teacher, Judge and MC Extraordinaire!

Grant is an NZFDT qualified dance teacher with over 30 years of amateur competitive dance experience and latterly professional dance instruction.

He is the current Chairperson for the Canterbury Branch of the NZFDT, is the MC for all local Canterbury amateur dance competitions, a Judge, and in recent years has been a Guest MC and Judge for other regional centres and both the New Zealand National and Asia Pacific dance events.

Eden Dance Centre was formed in mid 2005 by Grant, and initially started operating from Woodend, before suitable venues were found in Kaiapoi, Rangiora, Oxford and Amberley.

Grant teaches both social and competitive dance, and all students are encouraged to participate in medal examinations appropriate to both their preference and aspirations.

Children as young as 5-6 years can learn to dance and the lifelong passion for dance can be seen in many of the studio’s more mature dancers, some over 80 years who still regularly trip the light fantastic.

Anyone can learn to dance - we have yet to physically see, ‘two left feet’ ……… despite some peoples commonly held belief. No matter what your aspirations - to be able to acquit yourself well on a social dance floor, to be the next New Zealand 'Dancing with the Stars’ winner, or a world class champion dancer, dance is always a pleasure and a passion.

For many of us with busy lives, physical activity and regular workouts are hard to schedule in. Dancing is without doubt one of the most physically demanding pursuits, as can be witnessed by the significant weight loss of some of this countries well known sports people in the last Dancing with the Stars show. It is a great way to build stamina and refine muscle development. If you want the best, easiest to achieve and the most fun cardiovascular workout……… come dancing!

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