So! How do I teach dancing..... easy

I teach dancing one step after the other.... just like walking!

How does that make me any better or different?

Many professional competitive ballroom dancers teach dancing. Their high level of experience, technical knowledge and obvious passionate love of dance is a huge part of it.

And sure I've danced competitively too, but that's not what makes a great dance teacher, anymore than a degree in education makes a great school teacher.

I love to teach dance, and I understand that Teaching dance is about you....

I know what it feels like when you turn up for your first dance class or lesson, awkward, anxious and worried that you might make a fool of yourself....

I know how to make you feel excited about the prospect of learning dance.

I know how to help you feel confident in your own ability to master this new challenge.

But most of all, I know how to make sure you have FUN!

Believe it or not dancing is just like walking, a mathematical walk, a pattern. And just like walking.... it's one foot after the other!

By now I bet you’re thinking....Yeah right!

So! How do I do it....?

I'm a plain English dance teacher! I don't use technical terms or jargon.... well, at least not without the accompanying explanation.

I’ll teach you a basic set of dance steps, usually four in each style of dance learnt.

You'll learn one dance at a time, and one set of steps at a time.

We'll walk through the first steps together, until you appear to be remembering each one. Once you’ve remembered it, then we'll try it to music – nothing too fast, just a nice steady pace.

Guess what.... You’re dancing!

Surprised! Simple isn’t it!

You'll have learnt your first dance in about 20 minutes.

So what comes next you ask.... More of the same, and Practice, Practice, Practice

I will teach you to dance confidently, walking one step at a time. I really am a great dance teacher

Want to know what I’m going to teach you….?

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