The Rhythm, easy to learn and can be danced to virtually any piece of modern music.

The Rhythm foxtrot is a smooth dance, traveling around the line of dance. The long walking movements involve a subtle rise & fall action. Turning movements are similar to Waltz, but with a more moderate rise and fall, and more length-wise action.

International Foxtrot syllabus has only closed dance position but in American Foxtrot, both open and closed dance positions are allowed. The Foxtrot originally started with slow and quick steps but soon evolved to include twinkles and chasses.

The Foxtrot is danced to music written in 4/4 time with the first and third beats of each measure more heavily accented. It is danced in combinations of slow and quick steps, with each slow step taking two beats and each quick step one beat of music.

Therefore, a dance basic figure in slow, slow, quick, quick rhythm takes one and a half measures, while a dance figure in slow, quick, quick rhythm takes one measure.

Foxtrot is extremely versatile and can be danced to a variety of musical styles and tempi. Foxtrot music has a tempo of 29 to 34 measures per minute.

Foxtrot is danced in a closed ballroom dance position hold. In closed position, the man and lady stand in front of each other, slightly offset to the left.


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